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  1. We have one of Ron and Sheri’s puppies from the 2018 litter. Ron and Sheri are both very passionate and caring about their dogs and puppies. They are both very honest and great individuals to deal with. Ron is extremely knowledgeable about the dogs and willing to share it. We have since taken our puppy to our vet for an introductory visit. The vet was nothing but complimentary about the puppy with no issues. One comment she made was, “how calm our puppy is in comparison to other puppies she sees of this breed.” Our puppy has already shown signs of great potential at this early age as a hunting dog. Thank You so much Ron and Sheri!

  2. We have a male puppy from the 2018 McKinley Kennels Vince and Starr litter. He is now 4 months old and is doing great. Smart, loving, strong and simply a beautiful dog in every aspect. He’s already retrieving and will make a great hunting companion. I would recommend McKinley Kennels to anyone who loves chocolate labs like we do.

  3. We got our puppy Goose in October. He is growing into an amazing dog!! He is most certainly my best friend and I couldn’t have asked for such an amazing dog to join the family. So happy to have come across McKinley Valley. Very good people!

  4. My wife and me were so pleased with our pup Goose from the 2018 litter we picked up in October last year, that we decided to give him a brother this year from Mckinley Valley! He’s even already doing retrieves! Couldn’t be happier with him. As for a breeder….. it just really doesn’t get any better than Ron and Sheri.

  5. When we first met Ron and Sheri there was an instant connection, as if they were a friend from our past. We had one of their female pups from their 2019 litter join our family in September 2019. Our pup, Kimber, at 7 weeks was crate trained and sleeping through the night within 3 days. She also sat and retrieved on command her first week with us. Our vet complimented us on how calm and intelligent Kimber is. She also mentioned the quality of her body structure and coat. Kimber continues to amaze and impress us on a daily basis. Ron and Sheri have a gift for breeding exceptional chocolate labs and we will be forever grateful that they shared one of their gifts with our family!

  6. Our pup Charlie has been such a fun addition to our family–our girls are in love. It’s fun to see them outside exploring together, or him chasing a soccer ball around. The vet was impressed with his personality, body structure/looks. He is picking up on training quickly. We couldn’t be more pleased to have added him to our family!

  7. Ron an Sherrie: Morgan from your Aug 2018 litter is back in training, a trainer that had said nothing but positive remarks. He is a certified therapy dog trainer as well as hunting. We miss so much but she is so smart that we wanted her to get the best. With the COVID 19 issue not being able to do a get deal of hunting we thought we would take this time to give her a little more training. South Dakota Dakota she did the best. Hunting in SD in the fall of 2020 is on the books. For me, Vivienne, she is the best!

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